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Solaria Solar Panels-Solaria Solar Panel installers St. louis-

At Solar City STL, we’re focused on redefining residential solar by using products that offer breakthrough technology and products.  solaria’s patented cell design, superior solar panel architecture and innovative assembly techniques means that PowerXT® solar panels significantly boost power generation, provide outstanding performance and superior economics. The high power density of the PowerXT solar panels maximize power and energy yield on homeowner roofs, and patented shade-resistant technology keeps Solaria PowerXT solar panels performing beyond when other panels have ceased generating power.

Solaria continues to leverage its patented technology, engineering expertise and sophisticated automation into creating one of the most attractive, high power, energy efficient solar panels available on the market today.

Solaria PowerXT® Pure Black
Solar Panels for Homes & Businesses

The Benefits of PowerXT Solar Panels

  • Higher energy output
  • Better economics
  • Superior shading performance
  • Pure Black™ design
  • No visible circuitry
  • Better curb appeal
  • Fewer failure points
  • Certified quality
  • Industry leading 25-year warranty
Solaria Solar Panels- St. Louis solar installers

Designed for High

Traditional panels are made with surface areas that interrupt the capture of solar energy. Not the case with PowerXT. Solaria designed a patented cell cutting and advanced interconnect process to pack more power and reduce inactive space between cells, while eliminating common failure points.

See there Better By Design video.

Solaria Solar Panels-Solaria Solar Panel installers St. louis-

Enhanced Shade Performance

Sub-strings are interconnected in parallel, dramatically lowering the shading losses and increasing energy yield. Solaria PowerXT solar panels had generated 63.8% more energy than Competitor 1 and 82.5% more energy than Competitor 2 over an actual 70-day outdoor test

Solaria Solar Panels-Solaria Solar Panel installers St. louis-

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