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Why should I have a
home battery?

A Home battery are used to store energy to use overnight or at times when the weather is overcast from your solar panels. For many parts of St. Louis MO, it is an emerging field, and as such people have lots of questions about what batteries can do, what kinds are available and how much they cost.

What are the advantages of a Home battery?

When you like, you can store your solar energy to use, meaning you are less reliant on grid electricity, which makes you more self-sufficient. Some batteries, which can be a major concern for some individuals, can also protect against blackouts. They may have a generator, but they want to use a battery to replace the generator.

Be prepared With a Home Battery

Thunder storms, earthquakes and other natural disasters can
unexpectedly cause a power outage and impact your
family’s safety and security. Be prepared and power your
home with the LG Home Battery RESU.

Home batteries take your energy independence to a new level. Not only can you use stored solar energy during the night, but also during power outages. Protect and power your home without relying on the electric utility.

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Use all of your solar energy

Typical homes have high energy demands in the mornings and evenings but solar generation is highest mid-day. Without a home battery, the solar energy produced in the daytime would be wasted. A home battery allows you to store solar energy and use it whenever you need it.

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How big should my battery be?

The first thing is to verify if you are using batteries as a viable solution. What that means is that we’re looking at your mounted solar panel system. We want to make sure that you produce enough power to supply your house with power and simultaneously charge the battery.

If you’re not generating a lot of electricity and if you’re not exporting a lot to the grid we don’t want to give you a battery that doesn’t fit your needs

What we need to do is look at your energy use and your solar production for the past 12 months. Every season, as well as how much power you use and how much power you’ve exported back to the grid, we look at it. And that’s what you’re going to use for charging your battery.

If you have excess solar that charges the battery enough, we also want to know if you are going to use this energy when the solar does not generate it (i.e. at night). If you find yourself frequently importing electricity from the grid, then having a larger battery charged by excess solar would allow you to reduce the amount of energy purchased from the grid more and reduce your energy bill.

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